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MB Tools

This project is a collection of tools devoted to the evaluation of Mellin-Barnes integrals.

The project has been started by Michael Czakon; currently the web-page is also being updated by Alexander Smirnov.

The project is at the development stage, so expect more codes to appear here.

Currently the following codes can be downloaded:

  • MB.m : version 1.2 of MB (last updated January 2nd, 2009) by Michal Czakon,
    the main collection of routines for the resolution of singularities and the numerical evaluation of Mellin-Barnes integrals;
    for details see hep-ph/0511200;
    the current version is documented in the Manual ;
    the distribution contains two example notebooks, MBexamples1.nb and MBexamples2.nb;
  • MBasymptotics.m : a routine which expands Mellin-Barnes integrals in a small parameter by Michal Czakon;
    example usage is illustrated in MBasymptotics.nb;
  • MBresolve.m : a tool by Alexander Smirnov and Vladimir Smirnov realizing another strategy of resolving singularities of Mellin-Barnes integrals. This code should be loaded together with MB.m since it uses some of its routines. For details see arXiv:0901.0386
  • AMBRE.m : a tool by Janusz Gluza, Krzysztof Kajda and Tord Riemann for constructing Mellin-Barnes representations. It works both for planar multiloop scalar and one-loop tensor Feynman integrals. This is version 1.2, for previous versions and detailed description of the package with examples see the home page . The program is described in arXiv:0704.2423 and Computer Physics Communications 177 (2007) 879.
  • barnesroutines.m : a tool by David Kosower for automatic application of the first and second Barnes lemmas on lists of multiple Mellin-Barnes integrals. An example notebook is included.

The numerical integration routines used by MB require the following libraries to be installed, either in the current working directory, or in the global repository for libraries (e.g. /usr/local/lib)

You will also need a Fortran 77 compiler named f77...


If you would like to be informed of updates and new software available on this web page, please send an e-mail to mbtools-announce-request@projects.hepforge.org with subject subscribe . You can also contact the developers at mbtools@projects.hepforge.org